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SAKER SKF-2865 4-Poles Inrunner Brushless Motors

  • Motor Diameter: 28mm
    Motor Length: 65mm
    Shaft Diameter: 4.0mm
    Shaft Length: 12mm
    Weight: 175g
    Mounting Hole Size: M2.5, pitch 16mm
    M3, pitch 19mm
    Mounting Hole Depth: 4.5mm Max.
    Order Name RPM/V No-load Current (7.4V) Max. Amps Max volt (V) Max. Power (W)
    SKF-2865/2D 5786 6.4A 112A 10 1300W
    SKF-2865/3D 3982 3.1A 77A 15 1300W
    SKF-2865/2Y 3402 2.3A 66A 17 1300W
    SKF-2865/4D 3050 2.1A 59A 19 1300W
    SKF-2865/5D 2422 1.8A 47A 24 1300W
    SKF-2865/3Y 2272 1.3A 44A 26 1300W
    SKF-2865/4Y 1706 1.0A 33A 35 1300W
    SKF-2865/5Y 1398 0.9A 27A 42 1300W